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Legal music for businesses.

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Soundtrack Business is an ad-free and fully legal & licensed service for playing commercial music. Now you can play music throughout your business with peace of mind.

By using Soundtrack Business, you are ensuring that the artists you play are paid fairly, with royalty payouts and support.


Rights to stream music

When you play music in your business, you need to think about two different fees.

The first fee covers the rights to stream music in a commercial setting. This fee also makes caching possible, giving you the possibility to temporarily store the music content to lessen the traffic on the network.

When you subscribe to Soundtrack Business, we use part of your subscription fee to pay record labels, artists and publishers for that first right.


Public performance rights

The second fee covers the public performance right, which you need to pay if you play music from a radio, a CD player, or from a streaming service like ours.
This second fee is usually included in your Soundtrack Business subscription.

This means businesses in the U.S. and Canada don't have to pay any additional public performance fees to the collecting societies (called PROs), such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SOCAN.


Everything you need to know about playing licensed music

Composers, musicians, and artists deserve compensation, especially when their music offers extra value to your business.

Download an easy to understand summary to learn everything you need to know.



We make sure that the artists you play are paid fairly, with royalty payouts and support.

Fully licensed and legal

Soundtrack Business comes with all the licenses to play music in a commercial environment.

Works out of the box

No need to buy or wait for custom hardware. Just use your existing laptop or smartphone.


How does music affect businesses and customers?

Control the pace and tempo

Play different music at different times of the day to speed up and slow down your customers.

Increase customer satisfaction

The right music can help your customers connect to your brand and improve the customer experience.

Business and social value

Adding music helps users connect with your brand, but also makes their purchase experience more social.

Stimulate your customers

Colors, lighting, scents and music all build a customer's sense of the brand and the value of their purchase.


One plan, one price.

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per location & month.

  • Curated soundtrack
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