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Soundtrack Your Brand Affiliate Program

Disrupt bad background music and earn up to 100 USD per customer.

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Apply today and use your blog, network, or customer base to earn commissions.
All you need is a tax ID and PayPal email.


Use our library of creatives and referral links to share our product with your existing network.


Earn up to 100 USD commission per new customer you refer to us. Various other offers are available.


Leverage your traffic and network for value.

If you own a blog, website or large network that you can leverage and help us refer small business users, we have an easy to use self service affiliate program.

Use our dedicated partner portal for tracking your referrals and direct payouts with our healthy commission.


Competitive commission.

Soundtrack Your Brand feels our partners are worth their hard work so we offer a clear and easy to understand payout-structure with a total worth of 100 USD per new user.

10 USD for every user you refer that activates their account and starts to play music. 90 days later, if the same user is still active, we pay an additional 90 USD for a total of 100 USD.


“Soundtrack Your Brand is a great partner that puts our and our customers' needs first.”

Johan Granlund, Martin & Servera - Partner


Quick and easy.


Getting started as an affiliate partner is quick and easy. All you have to do is to apply through our affiliate partner portal and we'll take it from there. Note that we at this point only accept registered businesses with a valid VAT-number and PayPal account as partners.


Once we approve your partnership you will get access to our HasOffers platform where you will find the tools you need to manage your referrals, track your traffic and handle payouts. You will also get access to exclusive campaigns, marketing materials and resources so that you can broaden and deepen your communication in your channels.


You will get paid monthly, every 30 days.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions regarding our affiliate program for businesses.

Affiliates FAQs

What is the Soundtrack Your Brand Affiliate Program and how does it work?

The Affiliate Program is a service that allows publishers, businesses, and partners to earn commission on new business referrals, using specially tracked links. We provide you with all custom links and banners so that you can promote Soundtrack Your Brand to your network. Then when a visitor you've referred to us converts, we'll keep track and give you a commission.

Am I eligible for the Affiliate Program?

We accept almost all types of websites that are relevant to our products and industry focus. All affiliates must have a valid VAT/tax ID and a PayPal email. Apply today and we will review your application as soon as possible.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees associated with the Soundtrack Your Brand Affiliate Program. It is completely free to participate. Any fees incurred from promotion and/or PayPal are not covered by Soundtrack Your Brand.

Can I become an affiliate if I live outside the United States?

Yes. We accept affiliates from anywhere in the world, as long as the network supports your country of residence. Please keep in mind that all commission payments are currently made in U.S. dollars and you must have a valid PayPal account and VAT/tax ID

If I have multiple websites, do I need to apply separately for each?

No. You should apply once, list all your websites in your application, and advertise Soundtrack Your Brand on any of them once you are approved.

What is your commission rate?

Our standard offer is 100 USD CPA on net-new account activations online. This is broken down as 10 USD for new accounts, with a 90 USD bonus for retained accounts after 90 days. Other offers may vary. Please read the full details and terms & conditions of the offers you are taking part in.

Will you provide extra support for high-traffic websites/partners?

Yes. Contact us—we’re always happy to help you with your affiliate and partnership efforts.

Do you supply marketing material?

You may only use images that have been provided for affiliate use within the HasOffer network portal. If you need unique copy or creatives, email your account manager to make a request.

What platform are you using?

We are using HasOffers to manage our affiliate program. All data, traffic, commissions, etc is recorded and reported by HasOffers. We encourage our affiliates to ensure they use all relevant tracking links provided by HasOffers.

I'm a musician. Can I sell my music through Soundtrack Your Brand?

Unfortunately not. Our affiliate program is for publishers and businesses looking to promote our services to their network.

I'm a curator. Can I use the Soundtrack Your Brand service to make and sell curation services?

No. Our service allows businesses to find, play, and manage their music, but we don't offer an open music library or curation service at this time.

Do you offer a white labelled/bundled service?

Unfortunately not. Our current product is offered as is with no customization options.

Terms and conditions

Read our Terms & Conditions for all the details on your responsibilities when joining our partner program. Spotify Business is only available in the Nordic Countries. All referrals and commissions are reported by HasOffers.

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